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Elkins Earthworks, LLC

MGIS Business Partner
Elkins Earthworks              CONTACT:
Charles Elkins
865 West Liberty, Suite 170
Medina, OH 44256
Phone: 330-725-7766
Fax: 330-725-7799

Elkins Earthworks, LLC is an environmental equipment firm specializing in the measurement of landfill gasses for the Solid Waste industry. We design, market, and sell our landfill gas field monitoring equipment named "Envision." The Envision landfill gas monitor measures CH4, CO2, O2, as well as gas pressure and flow from gas collection systems installed at active and closed landfills. We integrate up-to-date technology such as Bluetooth®, 802.11, GPS, barcode scanners, and digital cameras into the Envision field-monitoring package by incorporating the ruggedized Trimble® Nomad™ G series. The Trimble Nomad G series handheld controls the Envision meter by utilizing the internally developed software which communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth to the Envision gas monitor.


  • Monitoring, Control and Compliance, Inc.
    Landfill Gas Monitoring contractor utilizes the Envision landfill gas monitoring equipment and Trimble Nomad 800 LE handheld for field testing projects across the Midwest.



  • Solid Waste
  • Landfill Monitoring