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ESC Engineering

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ESC Engineering              CONTACT:
Ryan Smith
3540 JFK Parkway
Fort Collins, CO 80525
Phone: 970.212.1451
Fax: 970.212.1503

At ESC we focus on finding solutions for our clients through collaboration and time investment. We strive to offer unparalleled personal service through communications and commitment. Our employee-owners connect with clients, pledge their efforts, value their client relationships, and solve clients' problems.

ESC is an electrical engineering consulting firm providing services such as engineering and design, planning, control systems and automation integration, and geographic technology development. Our clients include electric utilities, municipalities, oil and gas and mining interests, water/wastewater organizations, industrial and manufacturing facilities as well as work in brewing, governmental, and commercial sectors.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) cover a wide array of meanings and solutions. For the typical utility a GIS is just one component of an overall system with needs to integrate the GIS with business systems, accounting software, engineering analysis tools, and real-time monitoring systems like SCADA.

ESC extends basic GIS by providing custom integration services to broaden the reach and capabilities of the applications.

GIS/Mapping and Integration solutions from ESC include:

  • Field inventory, GPS training and work flow integration
  • GIS system development
  • Custom landbase development and integration for GPS navigation and AVL
  • Custom viewer and bolt-on solutions
  • Integration with other systems such as engineering analysis and line staking tools


  • Automated Field Staking Solutions
    ESC provides and implements the best in breed of field staking solutions, we work with multiple software vendors to provide software, training, field staking services and integration to utility systems. We are the premier firm to stream line the automated workflow and field staking process for your utility.
  • GISimply Field Inspection and Mobile Viewer
    GISimply software helps improve individual and strategic decision-making by managing and broadcasting your GIS data to all areas of your organization. Regardless of prior familiarity with GIS tools, everyone will find it easy to:
    • Locate and inspect your organization's assets using GPS Technology
    • Create, print and share maps
    • Perform specific, focused analysis tasks
    • Contribute expert content 
    • Identify errors and omissions in your GIS data


  • Engineering
  • Utilities
  • Oil & Gas
  • Government
  • Urban and Municipal