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Cartegraph is a leading provider of simple, powerful Operations Management System (OMS) technologies. Built on the principles of adoptability, user experience, and return on investment, Cartegraph technology helps its users save time and money. Since 1994, businesses and organizations worldwide have been using Cartegraph to intake requests, manage work and resources, maintain assets, and optimize day-to-day operations.


Bexar County, Texas
“When added up, the additional productivity Bexar County has created by managing work and requests in Cartegraph is the equivalent of 10 additional full-time employees — or $500,000 — per year.”

Tony Vasquez
Streets and Drainage Manager

Cobb County, Georgia Dept. of Transportation

“Integrating Cartegraph with our GIS facilitates our entire project selection and development process. We’re using our existing spatial information more intelligently. Instead of asking commissioners to prioritize projects based on best guesses, we’re providing them definitive visual evidence of where the biggest needs are.”

Lynn Biggs
GIS Supervisor

City of Golden, Colorado
“The request management component of Cartegraph enables us to show citizens that we’re hearing them and listening to what they say. That, in turn, encourages them to help us out by being our eyes in the field. I think that’s a win-win for everyone.”

Dan Hartman
GIS Coordinator

City of Colorado Springs, Colorado
“On the frontend, our Cartegraph system helps us respond more quickly, especially in cases of critical work orders. On the backend, it creates an electronic thread that accurately illustrates every single step taken in the workflow process.”

Andy Richter
Asset Management Supervisor

Industry Focus:

  • Government
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Urban and Municipal
  • Water Resource Management