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Tom Counts
350 Market Street NE Suite C
Decatur, AL 35601
Phone: 256-560-0744
Fax: 256-560-0746 

3-GIS, based in Decatur, Alabama, is leading the future of Geospatial Innovation by developing smart, simple and fast GIS solutions. 3-GIS was founded in 2006 by industry experts seeking to continue their 20 year success in delivering GIS applications and services to over hundreds of different electric, gas and telecommunications customers. Pushing the mapping envelope, 3-GIS software allows users without any specialized GIS or mapping expertise to utilize web GIS tools. 3-GIS truly defines the next generation of GIS asset management technology.


  • Tri-State G&T3
GIS delivered a project for Tri-State that includes a geodatabase implementation and a deployment of 3-GIS’s Field Express Chameleon product. 3-GIS then configured Field Express Chameleon to work with the geodatabase allowing Tri-State to capture both inspection results and infrastructure information in the field using the Trimble Juno™ series handheld and Trimble Recon® handheld.

  • Austin Energy
3-GIS created a solution for Austin Energy that offered such capabilities as predefined search, tracing, and routing with turn-by-turn directions. Using mobile devices, Austin Energy captured redline data that transferred from an ESRI ArcGIS server to a GE Energy Smallworld system at specific intervals to improve the overall accuracy of the distribution network as-built data. The Distribution Maintenance Inspection data then sends the appropriate Austin Energy staff for scheduling work assignments.

  • Trinidad & Tobago Electric Commission
3-GIS created a solution for Trinidad & Tabago Electric Commission that offers facilities management tools for enterprise querying and reporting against the repository of information stored in a GIS system. Using Field Express Chameleon, Trinidad & Tabago Electric Commission collected GPS locations of all of the company’s current assets. With each asset geo-referenced, the T&TEC field crews now manage inspection results using the Trimble Juno series handheld.

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