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 Asset & Workforce ManagementResource ManagementProject ManagementSustainability Management
A Unique Approach to Efficient GIS Field Data Collection    
Trimble GPS Handhelds Support Green Initiatives for the City of Shanghai    
The Surveyor's Role as Geo-Data Manager    

 Building Information ModelingResource ManagementProject ManagementSustainability Management
Tekla BIM
Seattle's Massive Tunnel Makes Travel Safer - with Tekla BIMsight    
Virtual Mount Morris Project    
Conceptual Design with SketchUp    
Urban Development with SketchUp    
SketchUp in the Courtroom, Portland, Oregon    
Power Line Location Simulation for Shelburne, VT    

 Feedback ManagementResource ManagementProject ManagementSustainability Management
Crowdsourcing and Geospatial Solutions - City of Jyväskylä - Finland    
Citizen Input Develops Master City Plan - City of Lahti - Finland    
All-in-one solution for Streetlight Maintenance - City of Tampere - Finland    

 Fleet ManagementResource ManagementProject ManagementSustainability Management
Anderson Municipal Power and Light    
Turlock Irrigation District    
New Jersey American Water    
Town of Brookline    

 Geospatial Analysis & ImagingResource ManagementProject ManagementSustainability Management
Sound Propagation Modeling: Urban Planning Using INPHO and eCognition    
Processing Massive Amounts of Imagery Data    
eCognition Image Analysis: Urban Tree Canopy Assessment - Video    
eCognition Image Analysis: Woolpert Webinar Part 1/3 (Automated Feature Extraction) - Video    
eCognition Image Analysis: Woolpert Webinar Part 2/3 (Analysis of Lidar Libraries) - Video    
eCognition Image Analysis: Woolpert Webinar Part 3/3 (Land Use Classification) - Video    
eCognition: Impervious Service Mapping in Production Pt 1/2 - Video    
eCognition: Impervious Service Mapping in Production Pt 2/2 - Video    
eCognition User Summit2009 - Basic Landcover Classification by LiDAR and Optical Data - Presentation    
Content Based Detection of Urban Land Use Zones    
Identifying and Classifying Slum Development Stages from Spatial Data    
Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) Create 3D Scans to Restore Bridge Arches    

 Issue Management & Citizen EngagementResource ManagementProject ManagementSustainability Management
Interactive Customer Communications With Tekla Feedback    
Reykjavik City Graffiti Tracking and Cleaning Project with GPS Mapping    
JCSO Uses APS Technology as a Ticket to Efficiency    
City to Speed Up Ticketing    

 Mapping & GISResource ManagementProject ManagementSustainability Management
GIS Technology Vehicle: "Superhero"    
St. Charles Parish Overcomes GNSS Signal Shadow Issues with Trimble Floodlight Technology    
Monitoring Conservation Easements and Preserve Lands with GPS and GIS Technology    
Real-time GPS Mapping and GIS Solution Aids Efficient Disaster Management    
City Council Improves Water Quality and Educates Public about Septic System Maintenance with GPS Mapping    
Post-Quake 3D Scan Aids in Christchurch Cadastral Recovery    
Mapping Road Signs in Belgium    
eCognition User Summit2009 - Mapping Green Infrastructure - Presentation    

 Project Portfolio ManagementResource ManagementProject ManagementSustainability Management
Meridian Systems
Public Utility Uses Proliance Software to Improve Capital Improvement Project    
Chicago Housing Authority Speeds Invoicing Process and Centralizes Reporting with Prolog Software    
Transportation District Uses Prolog Software to Achieve Immediate Cost Control and Time-Saving Measures    
Illinois Tollway Uses Proliance Software to Lower Operating Costs and Increase Efficiency    

 Rapid Aerial MappingResource ManagementProject ManagementSustainability Management
Forest Inventory    
Oil Spill Monitoring    
Topographic Surveying    

 Vegetation & Urban Forestry ManagementResource ManagementProject ManagementSustainability Management
San Jose Battles Food Insecurity with Integrated Geospatial Technologies    
Automated Weed Control Saves City Time and Money    
The Connected Forest – Urban Return on Investment