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Billions of dollars are spent every year to replace assets for safety and community improvement. Knowing what assets you have and are responsible for is essential for proactive asset and workforce management and planning. Because resources can account for more than 50% of local government annual expenditures, maximizing asset condition and effectiveness of work are essential for ensuring high levels of service. Trimble offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to help local governments collect, assess, plan, and maintain assets and workforce projects.

Citizen Engagement

Identifying and prioritizing community projects can be challenging. Capturing reliable geospatial data for analysis and reporting relies on a proven workflow solution that enables end-to-end project stakeholder collaboration. Trimble solutions streamline the complexities of managing a multi-project portfolio and the various levels of stakeholders involved.

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Asset Monitoring
Change Management Analysis
GIS Mapping & Data Collection
Mobile Data Capture
Emergency Response Planning
Feature Extraction
Mass Data Collection