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Project Maintenance Solutions

Local government assets and resources need constant maintenance to ensure safety, preserve the assets, accomplish objectives, and reduce liability. Trimble offers a variety of solutions to assist local governments to measure and manage community assets for optimum use.

Monitoring - Asset Preservation and Workforce Management

Local governments continually monitor projects and programs for condition assessment, emergency planning, and safety purposes. Trimble’s portfolio of solutions include a variety of advanced monitoring systems to suit your needs for improving productivity, reducing risk, and improving safety.

Big Data - Mobile Data Capture

Trimble's geospatial solution portfolio has been designed to put information to work. Mobile sensors on land, in the air or indoors, capture geo-referenced images and point clouds that are exploited using production-scale feature extraction. The result: high-fidelity models that increase business productivity and improve decision-making.

  • Geospatial Mobile Data Capture - Trimble has more experience than anyone in the industry integrating georeferencing technologies—GNSS and GNSS augmentation systems, inertial, DMI—with cameras, laser scanners, and other sensors into mobile mapping systems. Whether you want to expand into asset management, mobile survey, or pavement management, Trimble is the right technology and business partner to ensure your road to success.
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