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Trimble Feedback Solution

Trimble® Feedback is a convenient and configurable cloud-based solution that provides an interactive communication channel for civic organizations to connect with their community, improve levels of service, and plan for the future.

Service requests can be quickly located, assigned, prioritized, and resolved. Planning projects can be efficiently facilitated to gather community input and inform decision making. Large-scale crowdsourcing initiatives can be easily accommodated to increase public input on government projects and services.

With one system, Trimble Feedback consolidates the community engagement process and streamlines peer-to-peer communication to expedite operations.

You can demo the solution today by emailing:

  • Service requests are quickly located, assigned, prioritized, and resolved in a centralized feedback database.
  • Peer-to-peer communication is streamlined through configurable communication workflows within and between departments to improve operational performance.
  • Large-scale crowdsourcing initiatives can be easily accommodated to increase public input on government projects and services.
  • Connect to Trimble TerraFlex software for data collection and mobile inspection workflows.
  • Community engagement for planning projects is efficiently facilitated to reach wide audiences and inform decision making.

Feedback Fields
Feedback type, subject, nature of feedback
Feedback text
Contact information
Map Functionalities
Address search
Area search
Own location (uses IP, WLAN or GPS)
Pan, Zoom, Change base map, Maximize map
Drawing tools (Point, Line and Polygon)
Lengths - Imperial & Metric
Show feedback and map objects according to subject
Import & Export
Import Format for GIS data
Export Formats
System Requirements
Mobile App
Android 2.3.3 or later
IOS 6 or later
Windows Phone 8 or later
Cloud Service
Internet Explorer 9 or later
Background Maps
ArcGIS online, Google Maps, OpenStreet Map, WMS, Raster (tif). Based on customer's licensing.

City of Espoo
Population: 259,500
Acres: 130,472
Number of buildings: 79,877
Feedback per year: 9,900
Median response time: 2.5 days

"The City has introduced the Trimble Feedback solution to support all city services, activities and decision making. All feedback messages are replied to within five working days—this is our new service standard commitment."
— IT Technology Director, City of Espoo

City of Jyväskylä
Population: 133,500
Acres: 362,379
Number of buildings: 52,817
Feedback per year: 7,200
Median response time: 2 days

“The City was updating its General Plan to accommodate a projected population increase of 25%. Because of the Trimble Feedback solution the City was able to prioritize concepts to better align with community initiatives. We reduced the number of urban developments to preserve green space and increased housing intensities in existing areas.”
— Director of Urban Planning, City of Jyväskylä

City of Turku
Population: 182,000
Acres: 75,614
Number of buildings: 39,369
Feedback per year: 8,400
Median response time: 1.5 days

“The City of Turku opened a new feedback channel for citizens. I wanted to give feedback on broken asphalt paving on my street, and tested the service on the internet. The City received my service request, began processing, and replied the following day. The street was fixed two weeks later. The Trimble Feedback service really worked, thank you Turku!”
— Citizen and blogger, City of Turku

Trimble Feedback is available now in select markets through authorized geospatial distribution.

Email today to request a demonstration and to connect with your local geospatial distribution partner.