Customer Stories

Learn how Trimble's land administration solutions have been applied in countries around the world by reading customer stories below.

Big Step for a Small Country

Trimble Technology Helps a Benin Move Forward. Formed by the U.S. government in 2004 to facilitate economic growth in developing countries, MCC ( is providing funding to enable Benin to create documented land titles in urban areas and rural villages.

Backwoods Boundary

A Mission to Provide Clean Water Turns into a Cadastral Adventure in the Jungles of Peru.

Trimble GNSS Technology Supports Ecuador's National GIS Initiative

GNSS Helps Save Time, Money in Equador National Land Management Initiative, called SIGTIERRAS. Project leaders estimate Trimble devices helped save hundreds of hours and reduced project costs by as much as 25 percent.

Nationwide Parcel Title Project in Peru Requires Fast and Accurate Mapping

The government of Peru relies on submeter GPS receivers to quickly map parcel boundaries. Speed and accuracy are the two key requirements in GPS receiver selection. Submeter GPS data accuracy is achieved even in dense jungles and rugged mountain terrain.