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Product Information
Trimble NetM3 MSK Modulator

Trimble NetM3 MSK Modulator

  • Trimble Charisma Software fully supports operations and provides full, real-time control of the RTCM data transmit queue.
  • Meets all RSIM 10401.2 technical performance specifications
  • Dual RS232/RS422 serial ports for legacy installations
  • Integrated Ethernet port for operation in modernized infrastructure and flexible configuration
  • Web user interface supports remote access, configuration, and firmware upgrade
  • Low noise internal frequency reference supports calibration
  • 1 PPS and/or 10 MHz external frequency reference support
  • Compact, standalone enclosure for ease of installation and maintenance

Trimble NetM3 MSK Modulator

The Trimble NetM3 modulator is a modern solution designed to meet all requirements for DGNSS MSK radio beacon applications operating worldwide. Implemented as a modern, low power network component with an advanced communications interface and a full featured web interface, the Trimble NetM3 modulator provides a solid core for high reliability, high availability systems that are easy to install and maintain.

Trimble provides a configurable architecture for deploying DGNSS navigation infrastructure to deliver high availability broadcast services for maritime harbor and harbor approach or inland navigation applications. Charisma RS and IM functions showing interfaces to site devices and optional Trimble Coastal Center interfaces.


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