Transforming the way the world works

Differential GPS

DPGS Advanced Concepts


In this section you will see how a simple concept can increase the accuracy of GPS to almost unbelievable limits.

And you will see:

  • Why we need Differential GPS
    • Differential GPS or "DGPS" can yield measurements good to a couple of meters in moving applications and even better in stationary situations.
  • How Differential GPS works
    • Differential GPS involves the cooperation of two receivers, one that's stationary and another that's roving around making position measurements.
  • Where to get Differential Corrections
    • Many new GPS receivers are being designed to accept corrections, and some are even equipped with built-in radio receivers.
  • Other ways to work with Differential GPS
    • Not all DGPS applications are created equal. Some don't need the radio link because they don't need precise positioning immediately.
  • Advanced Concepts
    • Imagine the possibilities. Automatic construction equipment could translate CAD drawings into finished roads without any manual measurements.