Decrease Environmental Impact

Decrease Your Environmental Impact

Protecting the environment is one of the fastest growing concerns for any company with field technicians or drivers. Whether your company is large or small, vehicle use means creating CO2, a leading contributor to global warming.

Trimble Field Service Management solutions can help you achieve environmental sustainability and reduce your company's carbon footprint through a more efficient fleet. Our solutions can help you track vehicle routes to reduce miles driven, automate vehicle maintenance schedules for better vehicle performance, schedule mobile employees efficiently to use fewer resources and compile data to generate fuel and carbon emissions reports.

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Key Benefits:

  • Improve MPG/KPG by 10-20% by curbing fuel wasting behavior such as speeding
  • Reduce mileage by 10-30% through route optimization and improved driving directions
  • Assist in measuring and calculating actual CO2 emissions
  • Reduce fuel through speed regulation, unauthorized vehicle use and improved vehicle maintenance
  • Automate vehicle maintenance schedules and notification to ensure optimal running conditions
  • Effectively schedule drivers and field technicians to use fewer resources and complete more jobs per day



Fleet Management 

Trimble GeoManager Fleet Management helps fleet managers make intelligent decisions using real-time fleet status information.

Work Management 

Trimble GeoManager Work Management provides dispatchers and managers visibility into work schedules and mobile worker activities.

Driver Safety 

Protect your drivers and reduce the risk to your business by using safety alerts and scorecards when your drivers are in the field.

For more information about how Trimble Field Service Management solutions can improve your mobile workers productivity, safety and customer service, request a demo, send an email or contact our global sales representatives.