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Mobile Builder 

Simplify The Paper Trail

Reduce your field data collection costs by improving data collection accuracy, decrease timelines for sharing field data, and adjust to changes in your existing enterprise as your business evolves.

Why Trimble Forestry Mobile Builder?  Simple! It has proven advantages over paper-based processes. Specifically, it reduces the need for data reconciliation; provides tighter control over harvest operations, inspections or surveys; and reduces data administration while improving data integrity from field to office.

Mobile Builder allows forestry clients to mobilize spatial and tabular business processes allowing workers access to the enterprise on multiple platforms such as Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Windows Embedded. Portable field collection applications can be easily created to closely match any enterprise business process. Mobile Builder validates the field data before it gets uploaded to the enterprise, and automates the data exchange process for you so you don’t have to.

Mobile Builder consists of the Mobile Server and a Mobile Client.  The Server synchronizes field data with Mobile Client applications built using Mobile Builder. Administrators can quickly configure mobile forms for any type of business process that is better managed on the go and rapidly deploy to the user community. Mobile Builder can also integrate business processes directly with Trimble Forestry’s Land Resource Manager enterprise solution for improved accuracy and data validation.

Key Features:

  • Downloadable App or Enterprise Version
  • Configure any type of attribute
  • Manage drop down values centrally and access reports at the Trimble Forestry Mobile Website
  • Deploy changes centrally
  • Capture GPS locations
  • Map features
  • Configure signature panels
  • Link photos to records
  • Control security centrally
  • Does not require connectivity
  • Data synchronization back to server or enterprise

Mobile Builder Datasheet