Forest Logistics and Optimization

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  • Real time route optimization for log trucks
  • Automatic dispatch and information delivery to rugged tablet residing in each truck
  • Full fleet analysis and reporting
  • Ensures steady wood supply (pickup and deliveries)
  • Deliver same amount of wood with fewer trucks
Product Information

Product Information

About the FLO System

Trimble Forestry features the FLO system for complete transportation management. The FLO system delivers the power to optimize truck scheduling with automatic load assignments, mobile messaging and routing/navigation for your truck drivers. See exactly where your resources are at a glance.

How does it work? At the landing site, loader operators enter load availability data into an outdoor rugged computer and transmit this information directly to the office. Powerful FLO office software manages the information and automatically dispatches trucks to the appropriate landings for load pickup. With the ability to view real-time location and status of each vehicle in your fleet, you can even intervene to react to exceptions and make last-minute changes. At the end of the day, you choose from a variety of reports detailing mileage summaries, loads delivered and load efficiency statistics.

The FLO system gives you the control to improve productivity, reduce fuel costs and coordinate all the elements of your supply chain.

Real-time automation boosts productivity and reduces costs-from the forest to the mill.

Transporting logs from a harvest site to a mill represents up to 51 percent of the total cost of forest products processing. That's too much money at stake to risk having an inefficient transportation process. Now you can dramatically cut costs by increasing efficiency-with the new FLO™ forestry automation system from Trimble.

The FLO system collects and processes real-time data about your logging and trucking operations, and lets you use that information to your best advantage. Reduce loading wait times, eliminate traffic bottlenecks that waste time and fuel, and gain more backhaul opportunities. With more efficient routing and scheduling, plus streamlined communication between loaders, truck drivers and dispatchers, you can make your entire operation more profitable.