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Trimble Water Well Monitor

  • Manage data for multiple sites.
  • Set site permit measurement tolerance limits.
  • See the last measured depth and set alerts for variation outside expected range.
  • Create subsets of wells for specific monitoring classes and events.
  • Simple field workflow ensures consistent procedures and accurate measurements.
  • On-site data checking traps errors before leaving a well. Automatically flag readings that exceed expected values.
  • Capture data for free product in wells.
  • Enter data into secure electronic storage at the point of measurement. Electronic data transfers provide fast, error-free data transfer.
  • Support for automated measurement systems provides fast, error-free data collection.
  • GPS navigation quickly guides field personnel to the correct well location.
  • Wells are automatically marked as they are measured to prevent missed or overlooked wells.

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Increase efficiency and accuracy in your water well monitoring for landfills and remediation sites.

Trimble WaterWell Monitor provides a complete field solution for digitally recording and managing monitoring information on water well levels. It lets you set up and manage information on individual wells, collect field data and deliver the results. Running on the ultra-rugged Trimble® Nomad® field computer, Trimble WaterWell Monitor software provides point-of work information, guidance and data checking. The simple user interface and field-tested workflow minimize training and startup time. Technicians, environmental consultants and program managers can use Trimble WaterWell Monitor for fast, easy field operations. Before leaving the site, you know that your monitoring data are complete and accurate.

Easy Setup for Site Monitoring

Trimble WaterWell Monitor makes it easy to set up initial information on your monitoring sites and wells. In addition to the site name and identifier, you can define limits for data tolerance precision and alerts. You can break a site into multiple well areas using geographic or other criteria. The software supports NAD83 latitude and longitude from GPS satellites as well as most standard coordinate systems such as the US State Plane Coordinate system.

Trimble WaterWell Monitor helps plan and execute efficient field operations. You can assign multiple monitoring event intervals to each well. Wells can be monitored at intervals of days, weeks, months, quarters or annually. All site and well data is stored safely in the Trimble Nomad and can be exported for archive and backup.

Trimble Water Well Monitor provides faster operation and reduced errors in ground water monitoring

Trimble Environmental Solutions provides an efficient, cost effective tool for regular monitoring of ground water levels at landfills and remediation sites. The Trimble Water Well Monitor combines data management and GPS positioning in a rugged handheld computer. The system guides field technicians through simple workflows to gather and check water level measurements. When the field crew leaves the site, they are confident that their work is complete and correct.