Trimble cBin

  • Remotely monitor container fill levels.
  • Reduce collection service trips.
  • Reduce fuel costs and improve asset utilization.
  • Eliminate overfill conditions.
  • Accurately estimate pick-up volumes.
  • Optimize dispatch in real time.
  • Track bin utilization and service performance.

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Trimble cBin reduces fleet management costs through increased efficiency in container collection operations.

Trimble's cBin solution provides a new way to manage the collection of recycling and refuse materials. Trimble cBin sensors automatically measure the fill levels of bins and send the information to your cBin web portal where you can easily see the fill status of all containers.

Eliminate Unneeded Pickups

Know your bin fill levels before your trucks leave the shop! Trimble cBin lets you move away from scheduled trips that pick up partially full bins. Trimble cBin lets you create an on-demand model to optimize routes that only collect full containers. Using cBin's route planning capability, you can streamline your container management and pick-up in real time. The Trimble cBin solution consists of sensors and communications systems installed in bins. The Trimble cBin web portal correlates and displays container fill levels, inventory management and sensor information in easy to read formats.

Bin Status in a Single Glance

The cBin web portal provides easy access to container information to everyone in your organization. Bins can be grouped by communities and sites. Trimble cBin helps manage different customer inventory or different types of material. The summary screen provides a quick "at a glance" view of all containers in a community for rapid evaluation of container status. A map-based display shows the location and color-coded indicators of bin fill status.