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Be prepared for the unexpected. Be Trimble Protected
Spend more time on your life's work and less time worrying about the cost and downtime of unexpected repairs. Protect your investment with a Trimble Protected protection plan.
  • Annual protection plan coverage is typically less than the average repair cost.

  • Get repairs done faster with pre-approvals

  • Locks in tomorrow's repair costs at today's prices

  • Pay nothing for parts and labor.

  • Minimize downtime and improve overall efficiency

  • Protection plans come with transferable ownership (plan follows serial number)

Trimble Protected protection plan coverage

Trimble Protected protection plans cover everything your Trimble product warranty covers, plus several value-added​ ​enhancements. Our plans make ​good business sense and provide you with a worry-free ownership​ ​experience as long as you own the coverage.

Premium plans

Our most comprehensive protection, Premium protection plans include all the features of Plus protection plans and more for total stations, tablets, control units, office software, GNSS receivers and GNSS firmware. Premium protection plans are available at the point of new purchase sale and currently available only in the United States and Canada.

Five years of accidental damage on select hardware due to drops, falls, liquid spills, broken screens, and more.
Five years of software and firmware for eligible receivers, tablets, and controllers.
Plus plans

Keep your Trimble equipment running at peak efficiency with our Plus protection plans for total stations, tablets, levels, radios, handhelds, GNSS receivers, control units and antenna equipment.

Wear and tear that causes equipment to not function to specifications
Environmental damage due to dust, heat, humidity or salt air.
Surge protection when using Trimble power supplies
Preventive Maintenance (adjustments & calibration) on select total stations and scanners.
Additional information

Contact an Authorized Dealer to learn more about Trimble Protected protection plans, or for datasheets in French, German, Italian or Spanish.

If you purchased a product directly from Trimble Geospatial, contact your Trimble sales representative for questions regarding extended protection.

Need more help?
Trimble offers options for support, repair services and questions related to your Trimble Protected plans.

Hardware coverage

  • Repair costs of equipment, including parts and labor

  • Updates of application software and firmware, on select plans

  • Preventive maintenance (with select plans – see your distributor for details)

Firmware coverage

  • Updates equipment or applications with current releases, to keep you running at peak efficiency

Software coverage

  • Infield updates to Trimble software running on control units and handhelds

  • Updates for newest Trimble office software