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The world’s water supply is in jeopardy. It’s estimated that 844 million people currently live without clean water. In the U.S., we can see a prime example of this crisis taking place in the Colorado River Basin. The CRB has been suffering through a severe drought for the last two decades. But climate change isn’t the only villain here – overallocation, poor policy planning, and insufficient infrastructures all contribute to the increasing challenges in the basin.

Our most viable solution involves establishing a business ecosystem around the problem – but it needs to happen quickly. We need to mobilize investors and stakeholders to affect real change and address these issues head on. And it’s imperative that we strategically focus our capital on creating and applying the right digital technologies. By learning through innovation and carving new policies and paths forward, a more sustainable future may be within our reach.


Emily Saunoi-Sandgren

Director of Environmental, Social and Governance, Trimble Inc.
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Will Sarni

Founder and CEO, Water Foundry
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