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Trimble Transportation
Connecting the supply chain
Our industry-leading solutions are transforming the way carriers, shippers and brokers operate across the supply chain continuum.

Up to 20% fuel efficiency

Increased fleet utilization up to 30%

Driving the transportation industry forward
Trimble technology empowers transportation stakeholders—drivers, carriers, intermediaries and shippers—to improve collaboration, maximize resource utilization and freight coverage, and transform the world's supply chain for everyone it serves.

Commercial navigation

Comprehensive commercial navigation for the ultimate driver and fleet experience.


Trimble asset maintenance software solutions keep trucks on the road by maximizing efficiency, up-time and profits.

Rating & mileage

Carriers, shippers, 3PLs, and brokers alike use us for precise mileage, drive time calculations, accurate rates for lane analysis, driver pay-and more.

Routing and optimization

Every trip is optimized by our advanced algorithms that prevent issues and address complex needs like load matching and fuel cost management.

Safety and compliance

Our money-saving solutions help ensure driver and fleet safety and are compliant with federal regulations.

Tracking and visibility

We help simplify communication and record-keeping by tracking critical information and making it easy to share details with drivers, carriers and shippers.

Transportation management

Our software platforms provide flexible solutions for shippers, carriers, brokers and intermediaries to operate their businesses efficiently and seamlessly across the supply chain.
Increase capacity and profitability
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Break down data silos
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Foster sustainability
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Enhance safety
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case study
Decreasing fleet deadhead

Paper Transport Planners managed growing pains by using their driver and customer knowledge with Trimble Dispatch Advisor data to increase efficiency and reduce empty miles. In the process, they continued to strengthen relationships and deliver seamless service quality.

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