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Deliver with confidence
Trimble’s connected solutions help government agencies deliver transformative projects and programs better, faster, safer and greener.

Up to 30% cost savings

Up to 50% less rework

Improving projects that touch so many lives
Our team of government experts supports your efforts with a proven history of success in civilian and defense projects worldwide.

Trimble’s technology platform helps project stakeholders work better together in the planning, delivery and operation of projects, to ensure long-term success.

Trimble has two GSA contracts under the Multiple Award Schedule:

  • GS-35F-0001V (Previously Schedule 70)
  • GS-07F-5588P (Previously Schedule 66)
Heavy lifting with attention to detail

Heavy lifting with attention to detail

Even when moving mountains is part of the job, finished grade still needs to be accurate down to the centimeter. Trimble earthmoving technology helps get jobs done faster, with fewer passes.
Decades of precision

Decades of precision

With a single platform to manage all types of surveying data collection and layout, the industry turns to Trimble for optimal results in record time.
From digital to physical

From digital to physical

Constructible detail in models, plans and coordination allows challenges to be identified before field crews get started. And when physical construction starts, everyone will be in sync.
The road to safer highways

The road to safer highways

Trimble Mobile Mapping lets owners, engineers and surveyors identify issues like sign reflectivity and road deformation at highway speeds, without interrupting the flow of traffic.
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With today’s digital delivery tools, project operations are cleaner and more efficient.

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Up to 40% improvement in efficiency means improved time to delivery and less rework.

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An ecosystem of solutions for construction and surveying to address specialized requirements.

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Build today with long-term operation and maintenance as a top priority.

Project transformation

Drawing from a broad range of technologies, Trimble solutions automate projects and teams for faster delivery and improved coordination.

Trimble helps transform projects with improved dataflow and integrated data management.

Connected systems drive improved collaboration, visibility and efficiencies across entire projects from conception to completion and ongoing operation.


Better collaboration delivers better assets

New Mexico DOT is driving change with tight collaboration between owner, engineer and contractor working together.

Digital delivery proves indispensable

An ambitious project in Auckland, NZ takes an inside-out approach to highway redevelopment for on-time, on-budget delivery.

Surveying grand Paris

Advanced solutions for tunneling and monitoring keep Europe’s largest transportation expansion project on track.