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Trimble and Microsoft HoloLens

The next generation of AEC-O technology

Trimble transforming the way the world works.

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Microsoft to bring Microsoft HoloLens wearable holographic technology to the AEC-O industry. The collaboration allows us to explore ways to augment today’s technology with solutions that allow individuals to more effectively interpret and interact with physical and digital information and their spatial relationships—transforming how architects, engineers, contractors and owners work.

Together, Trimble and Microsoft are working to develop a new generation of solutions—integrated with the HoloLens holographic platform on Windows 10—to improve quality, transparency and collaboration across the Design-Build-Operate lifecycle of buildings.

Microsoft HoloLens provides a mixed-reality experience for a range of commercial and consumer applications. For the AEC market, the HoloLens device can extend interaction with 3D models beyond the confines of a 2D computer screen, creating new ways for teams on complex projects to visualize, share ideas, and manage change.

On April 29, Trimble showcased a proof of concept at Microsoft's Build Developer Conference in San Francisco—demonstrating a new era of technology for the AEC-O market that we believe can have enormous potential.

See the Build Conference demonstration.  Watch our video.  Read the press release.  We think you'll agree...