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female students
Female education and empowerment
The advancement of girls and women in developing economies is a basic human right. The world benefits when women put their talents and ideas to work.
Supported organizations
Choice Humanitarian used Trimble Foundation Fund support to expand its Women's having Box Program. As a result, more rural communities in Mexico are learning how to effectively set aside money and invest in businesses.
In Ghana, the Campaign for Female Education used Trimble Foundation support to help 1,144 vulnerable girls in their final year of high school, and provide 750 girls with the required supplies to attend school.
Using Trimble Foundation support, the Empowered to Educate team provides fellowships and mentorship for women educators in Ghana working to ensure inclusive, equitable education for all.
In 2020, the Trimble Foundation supported Tostan with a COVID relief grant to aid efforts in raising awareness about virus prevention and to distribute much-needed resources.
Trimble Foundation partnered with CARE in a donation-matching campaign to train millions of female farmers to increase crop yields and income.
Water for People
Support for Water For People helps supply more safe drinking water and sanitation services in India. A lack of water negatively impacts health and hygiene and can impede education and advancement in rural populations, particularly for females.