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Step into the new reality of work
Bring your digital data and the physical world together with augmented reality and mixed reality solutions. Because seeing is knowing.
What you see is what you get

It's part of your everyday work to think, design or build in 3D. So why isn't there more reviewing in 3D or solving problems in 3D?

Trimble's extended reality solutions help our customers connect their digital and physical environments to create an immersive new way to work. Where there are fewer errors, improved safety and quality, and collaboration without boundaries.

Mixed reality

Efficiently visualize, review and share 3D designs directly on a physical environment using holographic data.

Augmented reality

Improve communication and decision-making by overlaying your 2D and 3D data on the real world.

Bring innovation and efficiency to your projects
Augmented, virtual and mixed reality technologies are creating new opportunities to connect physical and digital environments and driving innovation across the industries we serve.

Showcase your vision

Get project planning clarity by exploring designs and their impact on the surroundings.

Improve productivity

Reduce the time and resources it takes to translate between 2D plans in a 3D environment.

Focus on safety

Do group work and training efficiently while limiting the people who need to physically be together.

Increase transparency

Lead clients, team members and other stakeholders through a job site remotely, in real-time.

Eliminate guesswork

Identify issues before they happen to reduce clashes and costly errors.

Maximize BIM investment

Create fast, easy and accurate 3D Constructible models to distill complex information.
Case Study
Keeping projects moving during a shut down

To overcome COVID-19 travel restrictions, a project management and engineering firm in Costa Rica relied on Trimble mixed reality technology to help clients visualize project progress and align with stakeholders on design changes from remote locations.

Case Study
Helping a school see like engineers do

This New Zealand-based construction and engineering consultancy helped a school board translate the paper plans for their new infrastructure layout into "something realistic."