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Trimble Field Points

Trimble Field Points - Point Creation Software

Trimble® Field Points is designed for building construction contractors and engineers who need the ability to easily create 2D and 3D field points within their preferred design file. Users are able to quickly and easily auto-insert their field layout points for use with Trimble's best-in-class construction positioning and layout systems Trimble Field Link for Structures and Trimble Field Link for MEP for easy stake-out in the field.

Whether working with building information model (BIM) files or conventional 2D drawings, you need the ability to translate critical points to the field. That's where Trimble Field Points comes into play. Trimble Field Points is an engineer or building construction contractor's go-to concept-to-construction solution.

Working as a plugin within CAD and Revit®, Trimble Field Points provides fluid creation of field points for objects such as anchor bolt locations, curtain wall attachments, and hanger or sleeve locations via simple, intuitive point creation workflows. These point creation workflows allow for faster implementation and utilization throughout any organization already familiar with CAD or Revit design platforms.

Once points are created within Trimble Field Points, they can be easily exported to Trimble construction layout solutions like Trimble Field Link for Structures and Trimble Field Link for MEP for easy stake-out in the field–bridging the gap between the design process and work executed in the field while maintaining connections to existing BIM workflows.

Trimble Field Points offers a robust and familiar environment with the following features:

  • Flexible point creation - users have the flexibility to create control points, insert manual points or generate automatic point locations to streamline the creation of layout data in their model files
  • Direct integration - seamlessly integrate with Trimble Construction Layout Solutions - Trimble Field Link for Structures and Trimble Field Link for MEP
  • Custom reports - document the status of specific points or all points within a drawing to assist with project management
  • Easy field point data import - users can import field point data into the Trimble Field Points software, while staying within their preferred design platform, to assist with their QA/QC workflows for comparison in the model