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Trimble Field Link for MEP

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Trimble Field Link for MEP - Taking Construction Layout
to the Next Level

Trimble Field Link for MEP

Trimble Field Link for MEP continues to re-imagine field layout for MEP contractors providing users with access to the latest tools for increasing productivity and accuracy during the construction layout process. With emphasis being placed on Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM), Trimble Field Link for MEP is the ideal solution for enhancing field operations for BIM workflow.

Trimble Field Link for MEP incorporates the Trimble VISION technology. The VISION technology gives field crews the opportunity to:

  • Remotely control as well as see and measure through a live video feed from the new Trimble RTS773 & RTS873 instrument on their Trimble Tablet within the Trimble Field Link software to easily locate and stake field points
  • Overlay 2D line-work imported from CAD files onto the live imagery from the robotic total station, taking the guess work out of point lay out and as built reporting
  • Utilize Trimble VISION zoom to more accurately and effectively point and measure jobsite features. Trimble VISION zoom controls will be active in both the new RTS873 Robotic Total Station and the RTS773 Robotic Total Station

Trimble Field Link provides customers an easy layout tool through a variety of applications:

  • Visualize the finished product during construction using the 3D Model viewer—identifying issues before they arise.
  • Control Trimble Robotic Total Stations in fluid, real-time movement directly on the Trimble Tablet with the Dynamic Joystick drag and point feature
  • View images from the instrument camera- in camera mode see crosshairs, line-work and point data overlaid on the image

When utilizing Layout Mode allows users to utilize tasked base workflows to:

  • Easily manage layout tasks with user defined point lists
  • Populate the Layout Point List using common layers, descriptions or selecting points from a list or map.
  • Visualize job and layout based on a user's level of detail need.
  • Trimble Field Link v2.0.0 now has the ability for the user to view the 3D model in all standard map views. These views include: Create Data, Set Up Instrument, Lay Out, Collect Data, Compute and Export

As Quality Assurance and Quality Control has become more and more important Trimble Field Link’s reporting capabilities enhance the field crew to be able to:

  • Utilize timely and accurate reporting capabilities to enhance communication in the field (Layout Deviations, Daily Layout Summary, and Field Reports).
  • Document daily field activities and existing conditions for RFI communications
  • Provide photos from the field using either the camera on the Trimble Tablet or through Trimble VISION on the RTS773 and RTS873

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