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Interior Construction Lasers

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Universal Lasers

UL633 Spectra Precision® Laser UL633N
The Spectra Precision UL633N is the unique construction laser allowing total automatic control of all three axes (X/Y/Z).

Interior Construction Lasers

Spectra Precision® Laser HV302G Horizontal Vertical Laser
Focused on interior applications, the Spectra Precision HV302G offers exceptional versatility and superior green beam visibility.

Spectra Precision® Laser HV101 Laser
The automatic, self-leveling Spectra Precision® Laser HV101 is a professional tool with an economical price tag.

Laser Receivers

HL750 Spectra Precision® Laser HL750 Laserometer
Built-in radio communication is designed for basic and advanced leveling and aligning applications

HL700 Spectra Precision Laser HL700 Laserometer
Highly versatile laser receiver designed for basic and advanced leveling and aligning applications

HL450 Spectra Precision® Laser HL450 Laserometer
Durable, versatile laser receiver for exterior leveling and aligning applications.

Spectra Precision Laser HR320 Spectra Precision Laser HR320
Flexible receiver for exterior and interior leveling and alignment applications

Spectra Precision Laser HR250 Spectra Precision Laser HR250
Highly visible receiver with simultaneous front LEDs

Spectra Precision HR1220 Line Laser Receiver Spectra Precision HR1220 Line Laser Receiver
Detects both red and green laser beams generated from crossline lasers

Spectra Precision Laser HR150 Spectra Precision Laser HR150
Rugged laser receiver for smaller job sites

Portable Tools

Spectra Precision® LP51 and LP51G Laser Pointers
Laser Pointers for one person leveling, squaring and plumb

QM55 Quick Measure Spectra Precision® QM55 Quick Measure
Advanced functions, compact distance meter

QM10 Quick Measure Spectra Precision® QM10 Quick Measure
Compact laser distance meter

QM20 Quick Measure Spectra Precision® QM20 Quick Measure
Compact, advanced featured laser distance meter

Spectra Precision® LT58G Laser Tool
The Go-To ceiling laser

Spectra Precision® LT56 Universal Laser Layout Tool
One tool does it all

Spectra Precision® LT52R & LT52G Point & Line Laser
The tool for all trades

Spectra Precision® LT20 Crossline Laser Tool
The rugged and ultra bright crossline laser tool

Spectra Precision® LT20G Green Beam Crossline
The ultra bright crossline laser tool


Laser Accessories
A range of accessories are available for the Spectra Precision® Laser products