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General Construction Lasers

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Laser Receivers

CR700Fronttmb Spectra Precision® Laser CR700
Combination laser receiver with digital readout for rod and machine mounting

CR600Fronttmb Spectra Precision® Laser CR600
Advanced receiver that can be rod or machine mounted for increased productivity

HL760 Spectra Precision® Laser HL760 Digital Readout Receiver
Radio communication and unique "fingerprint" function.

HL760U Spectra Precision® Laser HL760U Digital Readout Receiver
Universal reception, radio communication and unique "fingerprint" function.

HL750 Spectra Precision® Laser HL750 Laserometer
Built-in radio communication is designed for basic and advanced leveling and aligning applications.

HL700 Spectra Precision® Laser HL700 Laserometer
Highly versatile laser receiver designed for basic and advanced leveling and aligning applications.

HL450 Spectra Precision® Laser HL450 Laserometer
Durable, versatile laser receiver for exterior leveling and aligning applications.

HR320 Spectra Precision® Laser HR320 Laser Receiver
Durable laser receiver for exterior leveling applications

HR150TMB Spectra Precision® Laser HR150
Highly visible dual LEDs and built-in magnetic mount

Laser Levels

LL500 Spectra Precision® Laser LL500
The industry standard in construction leveling

LL300S Spectra Precision® Laser LL300S
The full featured Spectra Precision LL300S is the advanced new generation of automatic, self-leveling, rugged laser level.

LL300N Spectra Precision® Laser LL300N
The automatic, self-leveling Spectra Precision Laser LL300N is our most rugged laser level.

LL100N Spectra Precision® Laser LL100N Laser Level
The Spectra Precision® Laser LL100N is a professional laser tool with an economical price tag.

Universal Lasers

UL633 Spectra Precision® Laser UL633N
The Spectra Precision UL633N is the unique construction laser allowing total automatic control of all three axes (X/Y/Z).

Grade Lasers

GL612N/GL622N The Spectra Precision® Laser GL612N and GL622N Grade Lasers
Easy-To-Use, Full Featured Automatic Grade Lasers

GL700 Spectra Precision® Laser GL700
Not just another laser transmitter

Spectra Precision Laser GL412N and GL422N
Versatile Grade Lasers with Vertical Alignment

Horizontal/Vertical Lasers

Spectra Precision HV302 Horizontal Vertical Laser
Multipurpose Construction Laser for Interior and Exterior

HV101 Spectra Precision® Laser HV101 Laser
The automatic, self-leveling Spectra Precision® Laser HV101 is a professional tool with an economical price tag.


Laser Accessories
A range of accessories are available for the Spectra Precision® Laser products

Optical Instruments

Spectra Precision® AL24A/M and AL28A/M Autolevels
Economical and easy-to-use elevation measuring tools

Spectra Precision® DET-2 Theodolite
Full featured digital electronic theodolite designed for general construction applications