TrimFleet Communicator

TrimFleet Communicator
  • Push-to-talk communication platform combines strong cellular coverage with flexible internet voice- calling
  • User-Administered Talk Groups update in real-time
  • Dynamic Talk Groups based on truck location and status information
  • Emergency Talk Groups for immediate broadcast communication
  • Point-to-Point Calls provide privacy and eliminate excess chatter
  • Presence Information allows dispatch to identify driver availability
  • Voice Activity Log records incoming calls to dispatch and improves response times

TrimFleet Communicator provides an integrated push-to-talk alternative to cell phones and traditional CB-style radios, giving TrimFleet TrimView users an enhanced communication experience.

TrimFleet Communicator is a user-friendly solution that enables drivers to listen and talk to only the necessary people, while remaining focused on the job. Drivers have the ability to talk to groups of people when they need to without having to hear excess radio chatter and when they place a call to dispatch it is visually displayed in a Voice Activity Log until someone has responded to the driver's request. As a result, drivers receive quicker response times and repeat calls into dispatch are eliminated.

TrimView users, utilizing TrimFleet Communicator, can talk to a single driver, create private conference calls with a select group of drivers, or talk to pre-defined groups of trucks.

  • Drivers can quickly initiate calls with a familiar PTT device
  • Drivers no longer have to listen to unnecessary radio chatter and can focus on safely driving to the next destination
  • Drivers can communicate with groups that have been pre-defined (e.g. Dispatch, Maintenance, Regional) or groups that dynamically change based on location in the delivery cycle (e.g. plant, jobsite, order)
  • Every user has access to the emergency talk group, which provides immediate broadcast communication to every dispatcher and driver within the region of the fleet
  • Dispatch can privately communicate with drivers on a one-to-one or group conference call
  • Dispatch is aware of driver presence information including if the driver is available, out of coverage or currently on another call
  • Dispatch receives a visual display of driver communication attempts updated in real-time providing quicker response times to the drivers, decreased repeat calls into dispatch and a visual display of drivers still waiting for response
  • Ready Mix
  • Aggregate
  • Other construction vehicles

*Currently only available in the United States