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Effectively manage your fleet with the Trimble TrimFleet Suite

TrimFleet, Trimble's Construction Logistics fleet management solution, is specifically designed for ready mix and aggregate trucks within the construction materials industry. Our mission is to provide the best fleet management solution for maximizing value across the enterprise by increasing collaboration, generating timely and actionable intelligence and facilitating business process automation.

What sets TrimFleet apart from other fleet management solutions?

TrimFleet provides automatic, real-time data that is captured throughout the delivery or business cycle, without manual input which can often lead to inconsistent or inaccurate information. Using vehicle sensors combined with an in-vehicle telematics device, TrimFleet customers receive robust and accurate location and status data in real-time, thus providing the information necessary to make intelligent business decisions that decrease operational costs and increase fleet efficiency.

This information is then securely stored in the Trimble Construction Logistics data center for an extended period of time and is available for generating reports that help businesses determine efficiency gaps and develop cost-savings plans.

Customers, who choose Trimble's TrimFleet Suite for their business, benefit in the following ways:

Automatic, real-time vehicle location and status information requires no manual input and leads to improved efficiency and more accurate information
Stores Event data for up to 13 months and Position data for 90 days allowing users to analyze and mine the information for an extended period of time
Sensors automatically capture important status information to provide better consistency and quality control
Various solution options and additional features provide a tailored fleet management solution that is easy to upgrade and grows with your business
Reports can be easily generated using the database of information to help manage assets and operational efficiency
User-definable culture settings within the same organization allow users with different language preferences to easily use the same solution

Find out how TrimFleet can help your business succeed

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