• Easy to use 7" touch-screen display
  • Free-form text messaging allows customizable driver initiated messages with TrimView software
  • Customer-defined safety settings manage when the driver can read or respond to messages
  • Each user can select language preferences for all messages, events and units of measurement

The Trimble PDT250 is an in-cab smart display developed specifically for the construction materials industry. Hosting Trimble's TrimFleet Mobile application, the large touch-screen display is easy to use and equips drivers with the necessary tools to save time and increase productivity.

Trimble's PDT250 was designed to provide a rich in-vehicle experience while surviving the harsh mobile environment of the construction industry. The PDT250 was built to withstand a wide range of temperature and humidity fluctuations as well as intensive shock and vibration conditions in order to provide a durable, long-lasting in-cab display.

The PDT250 can be customized to each users language preferences and with a vibrant 7" color touch-screen display, the fixed mount PDT250 easily guides vehicle operators through the delivery process while maintaining a connection between the driver and dispatch operators.

Additional enhancement options include:

  • Active Navigation
  • TrimFleet Communicator
  • DriverID

  • Utilizing navigation and communication features on the PDT250, drivers will be able to increase productivity and decrease operating costs for the company
  • Driver can easily communicate with dispatch via text (standard) or voice communication (enhanced)
  • Ready Mix
  • Aggregate