Aggregate Solution

Aggregate Solution

Aggregate Solution

Trimble's aggregate fleet management solution allows aggregate haulers to more efficiently manage their fleets by updating dispatchers and managers in real-time on vehicle location and positioning events.

Trimble's fleet management solution captures important location and event information that is then used to create analytical reports which help identify areas of improvement in the business cycle such as time, safety and cost.

Applications within the TrimFleet Aggregate Suite include:

  • TrimView
    Messaging, reporting and mapping that improves the business process
  • TrimViewDB
    Extended data storage that provides robust analytical reporting
  • TrimExchange
    Information integration with 3rd party ERP systems that enables business process automation
  • TrimLink
    Direct load registration from batch panel and bandwidth requirement reduction which increases software productivity


  • In-Vehicle Telematics Device
    Integrates a GPS receiver, wireless modem and Trimble firmware into a single low-profile enclosure that is securely mounted in each vehicle. Learn More
  • In-Vehicle Display Terminal
    Optional display inside the vehicle which provides ticket information and communication features, with the smart display option to add TrimFleet Communicator, Active Navigation and DriverID. Learn More
  • PTO Connection
    Detects unloading events by connecting to the truck Power Take Off (PTO) switch

Create a custom-tailored solution with Trimble's optional TrimFleet features.