• Maximize asset uptime with real-time, remote diagnostics
  • Remote access to vehicle diagnostics and troubleshooting information for assets equipped with J1708 and J1939 controllers
  • Detailed descriptions of vehicle fault codes
  • Visual dashboard with real-time engine, transmission, vehicle and extended data, if available
  • Diagnostic Stripcharts provide a graphical display to show how data changes over a specific time period
  • Customized diagnostic alerts deliver pop-up notifications when a specific/critical event occurs
  • Diagnostic reports within TrimView provide critical data that can be analyzed to determine fault trends and reoccurring problems
  • Integration with maintenance software reduces manual entry and improves efficiency and accuracy across multiple application

Trimble® TrimFleet™ V-Sight provides valuable vehicle diagnostic information in order to maximize uptime and profitability. The diagnostic information is gathered using Trimble's TVG850, an in-vehicle telematics device that monitors key data parameters (KDPs) such as emissions, fuel, air, speed, engine temperatures and allows for programmable limits to monitor horsepower and fuel for emissions purposes.

The diagnostic insight collected by the TVG850 is sent directly to V-Sight, accessible within TrimView™, providing remote access to the data and making it possible for technicians to diagnose maintenance issues without physically working on the vehicle or going out in to the field.

To learn more about V-Sight, please contact your Trimble Construction Logistics representative or email TCLsales@trimble.com.

  • Save time in the field and reduce costs of towing and labor with remote diagnostics, insight to fault codes and fault severity
  • Avoid costly and unexpected repairs with a proactive approach to maintenance
  • Minimize asset downtime with realtime knowledge of vehicle health and diagnosis for repair
  • Improve business processes and increase productivity uptime with centralized resources
  • Increase shop efficiency and record accuracy with maintenance integration
  • Make intelligent business decisions based on diagnostic alerts, reporting and severity
  • Identify trends for predictive maintenance, inventory and driver safety
  • Increase the longevity of high value equipment with predictive maintenance and real-time information
  • Save money on redundant maintenance equipment with the ability to clear inactive faults
  • Promote fleet health with historical and real-time monitoring
  • Ready Mix
  • Aggregate
  • Other construction vehicles (with J1708 and J1939 controllers)