TrimFleet Analytics

TrimFleet Analytics delivers detailed fleet performance information at a glance. A number of different views, charts and graphs in TrimView, allow users to compare fleet performance to company standards, identify top performing assets, detect route history and fleet efficiency and view location of trucks in the delivery cycle in real-time. Information can be filtered to show the performance of one truck or the entire fleet over time.

  • Highlight improvement areas to achieve better efficiency and decrease operational costs
  • Analyze number of active trucks versus savings by time of day to determine most/least efficient times of operation
  • View asset history to see how many trucks were ticketed for a customer or order; truck routes filtered by time of day; or all trucks delivering from a specific plant and the delivery area for each plant by time of day.
  • Get valuable analytic information in real-time to help make intelligent business decisions that can increase efficiency and decrease costs
  • Ready Mix