RMA Process

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RMA Process

When returning equipment back to Trimble for repair or replacement, it is important to follow the RMA process.

RMA Process

Step 1: Contact Trimble Customer Support

IMPORTANT: Before calling, you must have the serial number of the product(s) and the vehicle asset ID ready. This information is required to receive an authorized RMA, if necessary. Serial numbers are located on the product.

Step 2: Trimble Support will ask a series of questions to troubleshoot and diagnose the issue over the phone.

IMPORTANT: When troubleshooting for the TVG850, information provided from the display terminal's Engineering Screen may be requested.

Truck ID  
REV Screen information REV screen (include Asset ID)
Comm Screen Information COMM screen (include Status and RSSI)
SIM Screen Status SIM Information (include Phone, SIM and NAI)
Other failures  
Serial number of product or sensor Problem encountered (for troubleshooting and RMA request)

Step 3: If the RMA is approved, Trimble Support will issue an RMA number which must be used to complete the RMA Form and Return Address Label before returning the defective unit for repair or replacement.

Download RMA Form & Shipping Label

For more information, contact Trimble Customer Support