• Drive Safe Reports give drivers a score based on a series of maneuvers
  • Compare drivers' scores to fleet or industry standards
  • Select date range, which vehicles to include and the standard against which the vehicles are scored before creating a report
  • DriveSafe also considers the effect of the mixer drum on ready mix trucks to determine truck stability while making right turns
  • DriveSafe data is securely stored in the Trimble data center with high levels of reliability and data access control

DriveSafe is a complete system solution that provides reports to vehicle owners and fleet managers detailing how their drivers operate their vehicles.

DriveSafe measures the accelerations exerted on the truck during various driving maneuvers (turns, starts, stops) and compares these measurements to the average for the customer's fleet or to the industry.

Supervisors can use DriveSafe to conduct specifically targeted driver training and safety programs.

The DriveSafe scorecard is not a direct, near-accident event indicator; but rather is intended to assist in training by monitoring and reducing aggressive driving behaviors.

  • Good drivers are reminded about certain elements of their driving behavior, helping them to continue to make smart, safe decisions when driving a vehicle
  • Other drivers can be trained to significantly alter their driving behaviors in order to avoid rollovers and unsafe situations
  • High costs associated with unsafe driving are avoided, including: accidents, repairs, high insurance rates and increased tire, fuel and maintenance costs
  • Ready Mix
  • Aggregate
  • Other construction vehicles