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Now there's an easy way to apply the correct amount of fertilizers and chemicals to your field-while saving on costs and improving productivity. Choose from a number of application control systems and add Trimble guidance and software for a full spraying solution.

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Spraying solutions from Trimble include:

Prescription Maps
Create a prescription map, based on soil samples or yield data, within Trimble Ag Software and wirelessly transfer it into your display for spraying the optimal amount of fertilizer or chemicals right where you need them.

In-Field Guidance
Get hands-free guidance of your sprayer with any Trimble steering system and increase your operational hours and reduce fatigue.

You can even wirelessly share guidance lines and coverage maps between vehicles operating in the same field to reduce overlap and speed up spreading jobs.

Application Control
With Trimble's Field-IQ crop input control system, you can apply the correct amount of fertilizer and chemicals to your field—while preventing spray overlap.

  • Control up to 48 sections or nozzles and shut off sections in waterways and point rows
  • Avoid over-spraying and off-target application by instantly adjusting the height of boom sections with sensors 
  • Vary rates manually or using prescriptions to optimize the placement of inputs and increase yields 
  • Keep accurate records of what was applied for post-harvest analysis 
  • Connect directly into the vehicle boom shutoff valves so no additional cables are required 
  • Connect using platform-specific kit design to work with existing spray component including factory-installed switches

Add a GreenSeeker® crop sensing system for top dress nitrogen applications for more efficient fertilizer use in real-time.

Additionally, you can cut overall weed control costs by up to 80% with the Weedseeker® spot sensing system. Weedseeker detects if a weed is present and sprays the right amount of herbicide on only the weed and not bare ground.
Steering System
Assisted and automated steering systems that help you accurately guide your vehicle on any terrain.

Field-IQ crop input control system
Modular section control, variable rate application, and advanced seed monitoring system for all your planting, nutrient, and pesticide management operations.

GreenSeeker crop sensing system
Boom-mounted plant sensor system that measures the health of a crop in real-time to instantly deliver the optimal amount of fertilizer.

WeedSeeker spot spray system
Automatic spot spray system that allows for targeted herbicide application by detecting the presence of living plants.

Trimble Ag Software
Farm management software for desktop, online and mobile platforms.