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Timing - Industries

Time & Frequency

Wireless Infrastructure

Trimble timing and synchronization products provide the pulse for some of the world's largest networking companies. Our products have established an unsurpassed record of reliability over many years of service, in applications from CDMA base stations to paging towers to e-commerce. Trimble timing products are the value leaders, offering the best price/performance ratio in the industry. LTE, WiMax, 4G, GPS, GLONASS. Whatever you need, Trimble has a solution for you. Trust Trimble for your timing needs.

Digital Broadcast Infrastructure

Digital communications offer some advantages over analog systems including digital compression, better user of radio spectrum and the ability to deploy error correction in the signal to aid recovery in noisy signal environments.

In areas where signals are distorted or blocked by hills or tall buildings, digital communications offer improvements in getting the signal to the more difficult reception areas. Called "Single Frequency Network" (SFN) by radio and television broadcasters or "Simulcast" (check) by Land Mobile Radio (LMR) operators, this technique improves signal reception, allows for reduced power repeaters and uses less radio or television spectrum.

Satellite Synchronized Time and Frequency for DVB, DMB, ISDB and DMR

The key to SFN and simulcast networks is that the digital signal must be sent from each transmitter AT THE SAME TIME. To achieve this goal, each transmitter site must have a source of precise timing. In most cases this is only practical by using GPS satellite-derived timing.

Trimble provides several products that meet the needs of digital communications, including modules that can be embedded in transmission products such as MPEG encoders or complete reference units that provide precise time and frequency together with holdover in case of emergencies.

Whatever your needs, be it Land Mobile Radio, DVB-T2, DMB-T/H, ISDB-T or ETSI TS 102 361 (DMR), Trimble Navigation Limited has timing products to fill your needs.

Aerospace and Government Infrastructure

Satellite Synchronized Time and Frequency for Government and Aerospace Applications

Trimble timing receivers offer support for a wide range of civilian applications in aerospace and government operations. Based on GPS satellite atomic clock reference, Trimble GPS timing receivers provide precise pulse-per-second (PPS) and 10 MHz reference frequencies in various combinations. From component modules to complete products there is a wide range of timing receivers to meet your needs.

Calibration and Testing

For calibration labs, the Thunderbolt E GPS Disciplined Clock is available in kit form complete with Bullet III active GPS antenna, cables, universal power supply and connectors (see The Thunderbolt Lab Kit). The Thunderbolt E has frequency accuracy of 1.16 x 10e-12 (24 hour) and time accuracy of 15 ns UTC (1 sigma).

For Trimble defense applications please refer to Trimble Military and Advanced Systems, Inc.

Manufacturing Automation, Manufacturing Test and ATE

Trend in manufacturing systems include increasing automation and integration. More manufacturing system components are intelligent and must coordinate with other components to implement the overall process. For tighter integration and efficiency, the timing requirements for these systems are tighter than was required in the past.

Manufacturing systems must also integrate into wider requirements for quality, the supply chain, customer requirements and legal mandates. Time stamping is now common in many industries and while a second or tenth of a second may be adequate for granularity, the tenth of a second must be precise and relate to other time systems outside the manufacturing process. The only practical way to do this across industry is to use GPS-based satellite timing.

Manufacturing Test and Calibration

Industries that maintain internal calibration labs or measure frequency and time in production may reduce cost and improve efficiency by using GPS-based timing receivers. Calibration cycles may be eliminated while maintaining traceability to national standards. The Thunderbolt Lab Kit is specifically tailored to this task, providing everything required in a single package including active GPS antenna, cables, power supply and connectors.

Trimble Timing Products with Time Stamp Capability

Time stamping or "external event capture", is a feature that uses an external event to give an interrupt to the Trimble GPS timing receiver. The Trimble receiver will then output a special time stamp identifying when the even occurred in UTC or GPS time. Any control point or contact closure may be used to generate the external event. Products supporting this feature include the Acutime Gold GPS timing receiver.

Research Laboratories and Universities

Research facilities and laboratories often require a source of precise time and high-accuracy frequency. Trimble provides a range of specialized GPS-based timing receivers to meet a wide set of applications. Supported by the TSIP binary or NMEA ACSII protocols, these products supply pulse-per-second (PPS) and 10 MHz reference outputs in a number of configurations.

The Thunderbolt® E GPS disciplined oscillator (GPS-DO) you can achieve high accuracy in a cost effective way. This combination of GPS receiver and oscillator is inherently "on time". Your PPS or 10 MHz reference is locked to the atomic time clocks of the GPS system and in turn to UTC.

Financial Systems and Infrastructure

Trimble GPS timing receivers offer precise traceable to UTC and national standards. Time stamp features offer integrated time for electronic signature systems and general security measures.

Precise Time and Time Stamping for Medical and Healthcare Applications

Patient handoff from ambulance to hospital, recording steps taken in an operating room, logging drug manufacture and supply chain: all areas of medicine and healthcare where accurate and traceable time is a requirement or an asset.

The easiest comprehensive system to deploy is one based on satellite synchronized GPS timing receivers. The coverage and accuracy of the GPS system together with the ability to record accurately to UTC ensures that all segments of a healthcare operation generate meaningful and relatable reports.