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 Survey Sense 1 SurveySense #1

Stylesheets: Save A Trip Back to the Jobsite
Modern field software gives us more mobile computing power than ever before. With resources such as Style Sheets at hand, we have assurance of a job well done, before leaving for the day.

 Survey Sense 2

SurveySense #2

Using the IS Rover: 'Everyday' Return on Invesment
What is it about surveyors and pickup trucks? If you're like most surveyors in North America, a pickup probably makes good sense. It won't do anything with much grace, but it will do just about anything you ask it to. So you can use it every day, no matter what the schedule looks like.

 Survey Sense 3


Wait, I've Lost Myself Again!
When performing a robotic survey, losing lock can be just a minor inconvenience. But in some situations, particularly in highly re. ective or obstructive environments, those lost seconds can add up to one frustrating afternoon. When you've lost lock, there are a couple of ways to and yourself again. But the best way to solve this challenge is to stay locked all day long. 
 Survey Sense 4 SurveySense #4
How intuitive is your field software?

When most folks hear the term 'intuitive' they typically think of software that is, "easy to use, because it's easy for me to understand." Imagine a more potent version of intuitive: Software that is, "easy to use, because it understands me." 
 Survey Sense 5 SurveySense #5
Missing a file? Not a problem.
Projects are getting bigger and more complex. They cover larger areas, are often farther from the office, and demand highly disciplined schedule keeping to make the budget. If your data isn't where it is needed most, then it isn’t working for you. And neither are your crews.
 Survey Sense 6 SurveySense #6
Field software for creative staffing
In a tough economy, the ability to react fast can make all the difference. The right field software might give you the edge you need to take on new projects, using resources you didn’t even know you had. 
 Survey Sense 7 SurveySense #7
Big jobs. Tough standards
Congratulations, you’ve just won your Project Surveyor bid on a major urban design-build contract. Your boss couldn’t be happier. The client is ready for you to get started. And now the fun begins… 
 Survey Sense 8

SurveySense #8

Simplify Your Data Processing
You've carefully collected the project's field data; now accurately and efficiently update the base coordinates using Online Positioning User Service (OPUS) directly from Trimble® Business Center software. Reduce the number of manual steps in data processing and transmission where there are opportunities for errors to invade a project even after you've taken care to follow correct survey field procedures and collect accurate data. 
 Survey Sense 9 SurveySense #9
Trimble Vision Technology
Robotic total stations made it possible for a single surveyor to be more efficient than multi-person crews using non-robotic total stations. However, robotic surveying still has its limitations. One being that the surveyor still needs to stand behind the instrument in order to collect reflectorless measurements. As a one-person survey crew, this can cause wasted time spent walking back and forth between the rod and the instrument. Trimble VISION-enabled instruments can help eliminate this problem and more. 
Survey Sense 10  SurveySense #10
Expand Your Business with Campaign Style Monitoring
Do you want to leverage your existing Trimble instruments to expand your surveying business into monitoring applications, but don't have enough equipment on hand to permanently install onsite? 
 Survey Sense 11 SurveySense #11
Integrated GPS in your controller – Convenience and time savings in your hands
Surveyors often use handheld GPS receivers for navigation and rough positioning. Trimble field controllers with integrated GPS provide these functions and more, without the need to carry an additional device in the field. 
 Survey Sense 12 SurveySense #12
Design and Survey Data Interoperatability Made Possible
Your engineering company just won a bid to not only survey and stakeout a site, but manage the design phase of the site as well. Now, you need to be able to seamlessly work together to accomplish both tasks accurately and productively. But how?