Trimble V10 Imaging Rover

  • Generate Survey, GIS or mapping accuracy positions from images
  • Rapid data collection with one-button capture of panoramas
  • 12 calibrated cameras capture 60 MP panorama for full site visualization
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) imagery improves image quality
  • Seamless integration with the Trimble R-series GNSS receivers, Trimble VISION total stations or use standalone
  • Familiar, easy-to-use workflows in Trimble Access field software
  • Flexible, simple processing in Trimble Business Center to generate deliverable

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Positions from Pictures
The Trimble V10 Imaging Rover with Trimble VISION™ technology is an integrated camera system that precisely captures 360-degree digital panoramas for efficient visual documentation and measurement of the surrounding environment. As a complete system solution, the Trimble V10 enables you to capture more critical information that can be transformed into enhanced, rich geospatial deliverables. With the Trimble V10, a picture is worth a thousand points.

Rapid Data Capture – Trimble VISION at the rod
The Trimble V10 featuring Trimble VISION technology allows you to capture a 60 MP panorama image with the simple push of a button. 
  • A total of 12 calibrated cameras – seven panorama and five downward-looking – provide complete site documentation that can be used to make photogrammetric measurements
  • Capture panoramas, review images and store observations using Trimble Access field software
  • HDR imagery improves image quality, even when you are working in variable light conditions

Capture Everything Now, Measure Later
Avoid site rework and benefit from increased quality control and data validation by capturing data now and measuring later.
  • In the field, use the V10 to visually observe and capture the entire job site
  • In the office, Trimble Business Center offers close-range photogrammetry tools to perform survey-grade measurement of imaged features and prepare rich deliverables
  • Export collected images into SketchUp Pro to create robust 3D models of buildings, bridges and a variety of other objects 

Seamless Integration with GNSS and Total Stations
Easily associate your collected images with positions to generate a highly accurate geospatial dataset or capture GNSS and total station data. 
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Trimble R10, R8, R6 and R4 GNSS receivers or Trimble S-Series total station

Use Standalone
The Trimble V10 can be used without an external positioning sensor. This is ideal in applications such as interior mapping, bridge inspection, and crime and crash scene investigation for both geospatial and non-geospatial professionals. 

Bridge Inspection: Learn how the Trimble V10 Imaging Rover is an ideal solution for quick and safe bridge inspections. Capture panoramic images from outside of the roadway, with or without a positioning sensor, and process the data back in the office. Use the data to provide additional deliverables to clients like complete panoramic images, measurements of any visible features, and modeling capabilities to create and update as-built drawings.

Private Property Access  & Right of Way: Read how the Trimble V10 Imaging Rover helps document a site via geo-referenced panoramic images in areas that are difficult to access or survey. See how a Florida firm put the Trimble V10 to work on a right of way survey and reduced their field time by approximately 50%. 

ADA Ramp Inspection: The U.S. Federal Highway Administration has mandated that all pedestrian crossings are made compliant according to conditions specified in the ADA requirements. This requires the classification and measurement of tens of thousands of ramp sites across each state to determine if they pass specifications. This process can involve the deployment of GIS personnel to ramp sites for collecting field data and recording this information into a GIS database. The Trimble V10 offers the ability to quickly and safely document the entire ramp site, capturing panoramic images and positioning data simultaneously.