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Trimble Pivot Field

Pivot Goes Mobile

Trimble Infrastructure is taking users to a whole new level of unprecedented freedom by offering Pivot Mobile Apps. Trimble Pivot, the latest technology in server software, now supports mobile apps running on devices (such as tablets or smart phones) that are powered by the Android or the Apple iOS operating systems.

Trimble Pivot Admin and the Trimble Pivot Field mobile apps are now available. Mobile device users can instantly download either mobile apps on their device, and access system information like health states, runtime information, and atmosphere conditions, at anytime and anywhere.
Product Resources
  • Pivot Field App

  • Pivot Admin App

  • The Workflow

Pivot Field App

Trimble Pivot Field is a mobile app for field users interested in status information from a CORS station network and in atmospheric conditions occurring within the region of the network. The Pivot Field App provides status information on ionosphere activity based on a single station and network approach and presents this in graphical form for your current position. The GNSS satellite availability is presented as well.

Pivot Field Features

  • Overview of satellite availability through satellite skyplot
  • Overlay maps for Ionosphere Index, Scintillation Index and Total Electron Content (TEC)
  • VRS network status information (I95, IRIM, GRIM)
  • Rover subscription and session information
  • Different access levels; free access provides skyplot and general atmosphere information

Trimble Pivot Admin

Trimble Pivot Admin is a mobile app for administrators of a Trimble Pivot Platform installation providing access and maintenance capabilities from a tablet or a smart phone at any time and from everywhere. Pivot Admin provides easy access to your server system and gives a full overview on all your servers and Trimble Pivot Platform installations. You can see status information of your system as well as health status of the various Pivot Apps at one glance, which allows for immediate interaction.

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Pivot Admin Features

  • Favorites overview on most important processes and counters on your server system
  • Combined overview on all distributed environments in your server system
  • Server and App health overview
  • Control over Pivot services; remote restart possible

The Trimble Mobile Communication App activates the modules within the Pivot Platform and builds the workflow to ensure that information is delivered to the mobile apps. The app is the interface between your system and the Trimble relay server. Once the interface is activated by the system administrator, the system administrator also controls the amount and the type of information to publish. The information is then pushed from the administrator's system to a relay server hosted by Trimble. The end user's mobile device(s) with the downloaded Pivot Field mobile app can now retrieve the information from the Trimble hosted relay server.