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Trimble Coastal Center Software

  • TCC On-Site application bridges / spans insufficient continuous communication between remote beacon stations and control stations
  • Support of pre- and post-broadcast integrity checks based on RSIM standard
  • Fully scalable and adaptable to meet a variety of DGNSS provider network configurations
  • Standard, user-friendly, customizable interface to suit the needs of any control station operator
  • Trimble follows the established standards suggested by RTCM and IALA
  • Supports Nautel , SAC, and Amplidan NDB transmitters
  • Over 460 customizable alarm options
  • Enhanced redundancy, security and data archiving to suit the needs of a continuous operating beacon station
  • Ability to distribute different rights to different users
  • Beacon Map View, Beacon Overview and Beacon equipment list provides easy access to important information; fast reaction times in case of failure / emergency
  • Automatic control on the quality of transmitted data; switch of side performed automatically to provide highest availability of beacon station
Product Resources
  • Overview

  • TCC On-Site

  • Trimble Solution

The Latest Technology in DGNSS Broadcast Management

Trimble Coastal Center is the first Differential Global Navigation Satellite System (DGNSS) software package designed specifically for the continuous monitoring and control of a collection of DGNSS broadcast sites for marine and inland navigation. It is an integral part of the Trimble DGNSS Navigation Infrastructure solutions offering which seamlessly integrates with Trimble Charisma software to enable cost effective delivery of high available/integrity navigation services. The newest addition includes the Trimble Coastal Center On-Site which allows for full control of beacon site management including database synchronization in the case of poor or limited communication links.
Trimble Coastal Center On-Site

Trimble Coastal Center On-Site is an application designed to help control and configure beacon stations, where the communication between the control station and the beacon is non-permanent. It bridges the outages in communication between the beacon site and the control station and allows for synchronization of beacon settings as well as provides performance information of the beacon. Trimble Coastal Center On-Site is available as an add-on to Trimble Coastal Center. It communicates in regular intervals with the Control Station.



Trimble Beacon Software provides a configurable architecture for deploying DGNSS navigation infrastructure to deliver high availability broadcast services for maritime harbor and harbor approach or inland navigation applications. The below diagram illustrates the advanced architecture and the variety of reference station (RS) and integrity monitor (IM) configurations it supports.