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Trimble Beacon Software

  • Runs in RS or IM mode to support all functionality of a beacon Reference Station (RS), Integrity Monitor (IM) or Far Field Monitor (FFM)
  • Supports array of new GNSS satellite constellations, using new RTCM and RSIM formats (including drafts of RTCM2.4 and RSIM1.3)
  • Support of all RTCM and RSIM standards including Pre- and Post-Broadcast Integrity Monitoring
  • Offers the possibility to connect to a virtual reference station (VRS) receiver, instead of physical GNSS receiver. This increases system robustness, as well as resistance on local jamming and spoofing.
  • Offers a possibility to run several beacons centrally on one server - or in a cloud
  • Integrates seamlessly into environments running all Infrastructure software like Trimble Coastal Center and Trimble Coastal Center On-Site
  • Modern interface to Trimble's newest MSK-modulator NetM3, to support broadcast of new DGNSS messages
  • Easy to use Graphical User Interface
  • Flexible IT Infrastructure to support generic hardware equipment for all hardware components including server, GNSS-receiver and demodulator, as well as various hardware architectures
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DGNSS Modernization

Trimble Beacon software is new generation of DGNSS software, developed to host variety of existing and future system designs, as well as technical requirements. They range from classic IALA-beacon up to network-approach solutions including central computing, jamming and spoofing detection and additional services, with value to DGNSS service provider. Trimble Beacon software can be configured and adapted for a variety of government and commercial applications. Created to be hardware and network independent, Trimble Beacon software is built to scale for every DGNSS Navigation Infrastructure solution.

Trimble Beacon Software provides a configurable architecture for deploying DGNSS navigation infrastructure to deliver high availability broadcast services for maritime harbor and harbor approach or inland navigation applications. The below diagram illustrates the advanced architecture and the variety of reference station (RS) and integrity monitor (IM) configurations it supports.


The software can be combined with other Trimble Infrastructure Apps to provide solutions for various applications:

  • Real-time GNSS network
  • Full GNSS RTK reference station for pilotage, precise docking, hydrographs, dredging application, etc.
  • Trimble NTRIP Caster for superior and secure connectivity with users and partners
  • Trimble RTX (PPP) for fast and precise calculation and monitoring of beacon or FFM GNSS-antenna positions
  • Monitoring functionalities for slide, earthquake, tsunami, etc.