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Trimble Atmosphere App

Through the Atmosphere Watch and the Weather Condition modules, the Trimble Atmosphere App enables users to evaluate ionosphere and troposphere conditions through calculations of a variety of different atmospheric parameters including:

  • Integrated Precipitable Water Vapor
  • Total Electron Content
  • Tropospheric Slant Delay
  • Wet Slant Delay
  • Overview

  • Pivot Mobile Apps

The Trimble Atmosphere App is a unique scientific application designed to support atmospheric estimation and tectonic motion detection based on GNSS and weather station data. The Trimble Atmosphere App operates on the Trimble Pivot platform, the foundation for multiple Infrastructure apps that serve various markets and their specific needs.

Pivot Mobile Apps

Trimble Pivot, the latest technology in server software, now supports mobile apps running on devices (such as tablets or smart phones) that are powered by the Android or the Apple iOS operating systems. With the release of Pivot Admin and Pivot Field, mobile device users can instantly download either mobile apps on their devices and access system information like health states, runtime information and atmosphere conditions, at anytime and anywhere



App Icon Trimble Pivot App Description Tech Note
Admin Pivot Admin Provides the administrator easy access to the server system including a full overview on all servers and Trimble Pivot platform installations.  Tech Notes
Field Pivot Field Provides the field user various information on Atmosphere condition, satellite availability or subscription and session station.  Tech Notes