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Railway Track Measurement & Construction Solutions

Efficient approaches to planning, construction, operations, maintenance, and expansion.

Track Measurement & Scanning

Throughout their lifecycle, rail operators demand efficient approaches to planning, construction, operations, maintenance, and expansion. These applications call for innovative solutions for measurement and information management. Based on decades of experience in the railway industry, Trimble GEDO® systems combine positioning and measurement sensors with communications and software.

For Highly Productive Asset Data Collection

Trimble GEDO IMS
Trimble GEDO IMS
The Trimble GEDO IMS system, consisting of a track survey trolley Trimble GEDO CE 2.0 and a high precise IMU (inertial measurement unit), is the basis for running an efficient track survey and asset data collection. Additional components and sensors can be added to the system to enable the usage of further applications and to guarantee the best performance.

Intelligent Track Design

Trimble GEDO NovaTrack
Trimble GEDO NovaTrack
The new Trimble GEDO NovaTrack software enables automatic reverse calculation of alignment elements in absolute, based on track survey data from Trimble GEDO systems.

Clearance Check and Scanning

GEDO scan
Trimble GEDO Scan
The Trimble GEDO Scan System is a modern, efficient tool to collect detailed information about track surrounding assets and structures and clearance analysis.

Pre-Measuring for Tamping

GEDO vorsys
Trimble GEDO Vorsys
Trimble GEDO in combination with the Trimble GEDO Vorsys software provides adjustment data to tamping machines quickly and efficiently, and avoids costly idle time for ballast tamping machines and work crews.

Track Documentation

GEDO rec
Trimble GEDO Rec
The Trimble GEDO system in combination with Trimble GEDO Rec software is a fast, efficient tool to measure, record and document detailed information about existing tracks.

Slab Track Construction

GEDO track
Trimble GEDO Track
Trimble GEDO in combination with Trimble GEDO Track software is a simple, integrated system to measure for precise adjustments, inspections, and quality checks.