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Rail Construction Solutions

Advanced and precise solutions for construction and surveying with rugged reliability.


Railway construction projects require the highest levels of precision combined with rugged reliability. Trimble offers advanced, precise solutions for construction and surveying, which enable you to meet the requirements of your project more efficiently.

Detailed surveys and field information provide vital input for railway design and engineering. Trimble® systems provide rich data and precision on locations and conditions that affect the design and construction. By delivering comprehensive information on sites and routes, Trimble systems enable designers to test and visualize multiple scenarios for design and construction.

Machine Control

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Machine Control Systems
Performing earthworks smarter, faster and more profitably is critical to success in today's highly competitive construction industry. Trimble’s solution for grade control that is faster, more accurate and minimizes rework.

Track Construction

Rail Construction
Site Positioning Systems
Trimble site positioning systems provide state-of-the-art construction positioning solutions to simplify operations, increase efficiency in the field, and minimize downtime at every stage of rail construction projects.

Rail Construction
Survey Systems
From GNSS, scanning, and optical technology for field data collection to powerful software programs for processing, modeling, and analyzing captured data, Trimble offers complete solutions to address your full work processes and unique challenges in the field.

Rail Construction
Tilos Software
Tilos software comes with a set of special railway building functions to support track maintenance and repair projects and it can be used for track laying and train configuration.

GEDO track
Trimble GEDO Track
Constructing slab track calls for fast, precise measurements and immediate feedback. Trimble GEDO Track is a simple, integrated system to measure for precise adjustments, inspections and quality checks.

GEDO vorsys
Trimble GEDO Vorsys
High productive and precise tamping is essential to ensure track quality and stable ballast. Trimble GEDO provides an integrated solution for measurement and quality control to support tamping machines and operations.


Rail Construction
Monitoring Systems
Excavation, tunneling and other railway construction activities can affect nearby buildings and structures that must be monitored. Trimble monitoring systems increase project safety and reduce risk to construction schedules.