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PreCom for Transportation & Logistics

PreCom is a mobile platform for enterprise transport and logistics customers that require a scalable and customizable solution to automate delivery workflows.


  • Event driven workflows with barcode scanning for simple, accurate reporting and ease of use
  • Job and Route workflows for efficient pick-up and delivery
  • Integrated dynamic forms within the workflows to simplify, save time and minimize data input errors
  • Navigation, optimization and maps for improved routing and optimum support
  • Pictures (Media), E-mail, Phone and SMS to enable communication with the mobile workforce
  • Web based map for track and trace
  • Online/offline support with background synchronization
  • A standardized, role based application to support multiple users and workflows
Precom Screenshots

Transport & Logistics Workflow

PreCom ties together workflows for both indoor and outdoor processes and helps to ensure information flows through the entire organization.

Indoor Workflows
Hub & Depot Workers

 Outdoor Workflows

  • Loading & Unloading
  • Inventory
  • Pallets & Containers
  • Movements
  • Arrivals
  • Delivery Logistics 
  • Collection 
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Customer Notifications
  • Loading
  • Returns

Precom screenshots

Events Module
Leverage reference data to determine scanning
flows for proof of delivery and deviations
Jobs Module
Manage routes and jobs, provide status & ETA
Business Rules Engine
Control workflows and implement business process rules

Dynamic Forms Engine
Create forms for surveys, inspections and data collection

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