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Trimble UAS1 Receiver

The Trimble® UAS1 supports dual-frequency from GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo constellations. The UAS1 GNSS receiver module has been designed for UAV / UAS applications requiring centimeter accuracy in a very small package.

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The Trimble UAS1 was designed for easy integration and rugged dependability. The Trimble UAS1 design is compact, with an MB-Two footprint and has a rugged, high-vibe latched connector manufactured that is tested to Trimble’s highest quality standards. 

Size 71 mm x 46 mm x 13 mm
Power 7 - 60VDC
Weight 45g
Connectors I/O: Harwin Gecko 26-pin Latched
GNSS Antenna: MMCX Male receptacle
Antenna LNA Power Input:    Input voltage: 3.3VDC to 5VDC
Maximum current: 400mA
Minimum required LNA Gain: +32.0dB

  • Compact design for UAV/UAS applications 
  • Power input range 7 - 60VDC 
  • Rugged latched connector for I/O
  • Industry standard camera hotshoe circuit 
  • CAN bus integrated 
  • LED indicators for status checks 
  • Trimble RTX and OmniSTAR Support 
  • EMI shielded GNSS module 
  • Centimeter-level position accuracy 
  • Advanced RF spectrum monitoring 
  • Data logging enabled 
  • Flexible interfacing over RS232 and USB

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For older versions of the UAS1 Firmware, please click the following link: Archived Firmware