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Trimble MB-One Receiver

Product at End of Life / End of Manufacturing 

Trimble MB-One is at EOL/EOM [Read Product Bulletin]

The Trimble MB-One features dual antennas for heading and attitude applications. The MB-One has a powerful RTK engine that employs centimeter-level accuracy for systems using RTK against a static base. It also drives advanced RTK against an external moving base for relative positioning and network RTK using third-party network corrections.

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Product at End of Life / End of Manufacturing

Trimble MB-One at EOL/EOM [Read Product Bulletin]

The Trimble MB-One is a next generation GNSS OEM receiver module that combines years of Trimble and Ashtech’s expertise in GNSS technology in an advanced industry-standard form-factor for systems integrators and OEMs. Versatile, powerful, compact and smart; the MB-One features impressive GNSS and RTK technology with preferred features such as Ethernet that allow for a wide variety of unique applications.

Size 71 mm x 46 mm x 11 mm
Power 3.2 V DC to 4.5 V DC
Weight 24 grams
Connectors I/O: 28 pin dual-row male header
GNSS Antenna: 2 x MMCX female connectors
Antenna LNA Power Input:    Input voltage: 4.0 V DC to 12.0 V DC
Maximum current: 150 mA
LNA Gain Range (minus signal loss): 
17 to 47 db (for L1 band)
23 to 50 dB (for L2 band)

  • Precise Heading + Pitch/Roll 
  • Dual Core Engine with Z-Blade Technology 
  • Configurable from L1 RTK to L1/L2 RTK with Precise Platform Positioning (P3) 
  • Easy to Use Web User-Interface 
  • Precise Point Positioning Using Optional Trimble® RTX Correction Services:
    • Trimble CenterPoint® RTX for Sub 4 cm Accuracy 
    • Trimble RangePoint™ RTX for Sub 50 cm Accuracy
    • No Base Station or VRS Network Required Superior Connectivity
  • Ethernet, USB 2.0, Serial Ports (LVTTL) 
  • Small Form Factor 
  • Low Power

The Trimble MB-One has reached end of life/end of manufacturing. Trimble aims to fully support all previous products that are vital to your business operations. For all support requests you must fill out and submit the GNSS Support Request Form to obtain a valid case number. 

To upgrade your EOL product, please contact a regional sales representative for more information. 

Western US and Canada
Office: US
Phone: +1 (408) 478-5427

Eastern US and Latin America
Office: US
Phone: +1 (720) 360-5664
South America
Office: US
Phone: +1 (720) 360-5664

Office: Singapore
Phone: +65 8128 8286
Office: China
Phone: +86 (21) 5046 4200 
Northern & Eastern Central Europe (incl. BeNeLux), Turkey
Office: Germany
Phone: +49 (6142) 2100-348
Western & Southern Europe
Office: The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (72) 572 4408
Middle-East & Africa & India: 
Office: The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (72) 572 4408
Office: Germany
Phone: +49 (6142) 2100-348

GNSS Support Request Form

For older versions of the MB-One Firmware, please click the following link: Archived Firmware