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OEM GNSS Enclosures and Sensors

Weatherproof, lightweight, rugged enclosures

OEM GNSS Enclosures and Sensors

Trimble GNSS OEM sensors and receiver enclosures offer multi-channel, multi-frequency GNSS receivers which allow rapid integration of centimeter-level positioning and precise heading into applications. These sensors/enclosures provide general-purpose, real-time, high-accuracy, absolute positioning applications, with additionally accurate heading measurements and relative positioning.

Sensors and Enclosures come in a wide variety of configurations that can support all constellation groups. System integrators can choose which product best suits their needs. All sensors and enclosures are housed in weatherproof, lightweight, rugged enclosures capable of accommodating multiple receiver boards as well as integrated radio communications.

Important Announcement - RTX AES Support: All Trimble RTX compatible devices must be updated to versions of firmware supporting the encrypted streams, as well as configured for the new satellite beams, in order to continue to use Trimble RTX correction services. Click here for additional information.

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OEM GNSS Sensors-Enclosures

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Receiver and Enclosure Overview
Trimble OEM GNSS receivers and enclosures at a glance

Trimble BX992 Enclosure
The Trimble BX992 is a dual-antenna receiver with an integrated inertial navigation system in a rugged enclosure.

Trimble BX940 Enclosure
The BX940 is a triple-frequency receiver with an integrated inertial navigation system in a rugged enclosure.

Trimble ABX-Two Sensor
The Trimble ABX-Two is a high performance compact OEM sensor.

Trimble BX982 Enclosure
The BX982 is a compact rugged package with a dual antenna GNSS module for precise position and heading applications.