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Trimble AV37 Antenna

The Trimble AV37 GNSS antenna conforms to strict standards of consistency and performance to deliver the best possible tracking to support centimeter level accuracy on aerial, land and marine applications. Unique antenna designs provide the flexibility to reach a wide range of operational goals.

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The Trimble AV37 GNSS Aviation Antenna has been designed to support centimeter level accuracy for airborne applications and track SBAS signals all in one compact design. It is fully certified by the FAA for aircraft installations.

Dimensions     11.9 cm length, 7.6 cm width, 2.3 cm height
(4.7'' length, 3.0'' width, 0.92'' height)
Weight 0.283 kg (0.625 lbs)
Connector Type         TNC Female Signal Connector
5 V DC to 15 V DC

  • Full support for L1/L2 GPS + GLONASS, Galileo E1 and BeiDou B1
  • Support for L-Band/OmniStar 
  • Low-profile Fuselage Mounting 
  • Sub-centimeter phase center repeatability 
  • Fully certified for airborne installations

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